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Using an adaptive tricycle, 3Wheel Therapy provides a free therapeutic riding experience to those who cannot ride a traditional bicycle. Volunteer pedalers (called Pilots) provide the leg work for a unique bicycle ride through tree-lined trails in Carolina Beach. The ride is 1.2 miles one way; 2.4 miles total. Volunteer bicyclists accompany the Pilot and rider for safety. The team rides along the trail with conversation, appreciation of the natural environment, smiles and laughs. 3Wheel Therapy may also provide rides at partner sites, such as local nursing homes, at day programs or at community events.

Nicole Kohler

Founder & President

Nicole is a Licensed Recreation Therapist (LRT) & Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Recreation & Parks Administration (Therapeutic Recreation Sequence) from Illinois State University and a Master's degree in Recreation, Sport & Tourism from University of Illinois. 

When Nicole was 10 years old, her mom suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of a domestic violence incident that left her paralyzed on her left side. While learning to live with TBI, she participated in an adult day program. It was there that Nicole learned about Recreation Therapy through her mom's participation in the program. Her personal experience has fueled Nicole's passion for serving people with disabilities and making it her life's work to ensure that all people have access to fun!

For the past 15 years, Nicole worked with people with disabilities of all ages in community parks and recreation, clinical settings, overnight camp, youth ministry, after-school programs and summer day camp. 

Nicole & her family reside in Carolina Beach, NC and love to bike the trails and visit the beach. 

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3Wheel Therapy was birthed from a vision of providing a unique experience to people with disabilities in North Carolina that Nicole had seen in Bloomington, IL through a similar organization, Healing Rides. Nicole worked alongside people who were recipients of the riding experience, as well as people who were volunteer pedalers. Following some research, Nicole found that there were 6 other organizations in the US with a similar vision and service to people who cannot ride a traditional bicycle. Both Portland Wheelers (Portland, ME) and Sequim Wheelers (Sequim, WA) generously gave advice and time to help Nicole get the organization started. Portland Wheelers Board of Directors were great mentors through the process.  Nicole gathered talented advocates that have passionately supported people with disabilities, recreational opportunities and inclusion in their personal & professional lives to serve as the Board of Directors. In May 2022, 3Wheel Therapy became a 501c3 organization based in Carolina Beach, NC. 

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